Monday, 29 September 2014


As one of my most adored brands, Chloe has not failed to impress with the S/S 2015 collection.  Hands down my favourite collection for this season as I'm a sucker for whites and creams, lace and billowing maxi dresses which is exactly what designer Claire Waight Keller has presented.  The clothes display a bohemian feel and will be perfect for the fast approaching summer this year and are garments I would verrrrry happily find myself wearing!

All images sources from fashionspot

Thursday, 25 September 2014

you're welcome

Isn't she timeless? Daria that is.  This raw editorial for Interview mag is just how I like to see Werbowy, relaxed and practically make up free.  I must admit I had to do a quick Google to double check I was correct about her age of 30 as these pictures certainly made me second guess myself!  She truly is so classic and natural.

Oh and P.S. I am definitely going to be purchasing some new wellies like these as I have been so inspired by how Daria rocks them in this story.



So umm, I know my post are few and far between but I'm hoping this will make up for it? Kinda?  Finally managed to secure a solid hour to myself to prepare my images for some upcoming blogposts! Exciting I know...

Hope all my fellow school goers are enjoying spring holidays (or what is left of them...).  Or if that's not you, I hope you are at least enjoying the prospect of an upcoming holiday cause we all need something to look forward to, right?